A tool for Ninjatrader 8 to help measure lag

Here is a tool you can add to Ninjatrader 8 that will help you determine internet issues or platform lag. It's a good idea to check this statistic before entering your first trade and during the US market open.  


A. Download and Import this zip file into Ninja.  http://bit.ly/LeelooLagAnalysis
  1. Click link and click the down arrow in top right corner to download.  It will download as a zip file.  Do NOT extract the file.  Leave as a zip file. 
  2. From Control Center click Tools
  3. Click Import
  4. Click NinjaScript Add-On
  5. Browse to and select the zip file you downloaded (do NOT extract, leave as zip file)

B. Create a Market Analyzer,
  1.  From Control Center click New
  2.  Click Market Analyzer
  3.  Right click on the blank space of the Analyzer window and click Columns 
  4.  Double click on the Neurostreet folder and double click on NS_DataLagTimer
  5.  Click Ok.
  6.  Then Right click on empty space of MarketAnalyzer again and select Add Instruments
  7.  Select whatever instruments you want to analyze lag