What trading platforms can I use?

You may use any platform compatible with Rithmic data.  They include: 

- Ninjatrader 7 (SIM license key provided by Leeloo)
- Ninjatrader 8 (SIM license key provided by Leeloo)
- Rithmic Pro (Free access)
- EdgeProX https://edgeclear.com/edgeprox/ (works on Mac, Windows, Linux) 
- Motive Wave (Mac, Windows, Linux)
- Multicharts
- Jigsaw Daytradr
- Trade Navigator
- VolFix
- Bookmap X-Ray
- Investor/RT (Linnsoft)
- Sierra Charts 
- OptimusFLOW

We provide a free SIM license key for Ninjatrader in both the Evaluation and Paid-Performance Account.