Lag Issues - Steps to Resolve

If you notice lag on your trading platform- STOP TRADING IMMEDIATELY

  1. Reboot your computer, modem, and router. 
  2. Run an internet speed test.  ( .  Are you using a wireless connection?  (not recommended) 
  3. Check your task manager (Windows), and check both the Processes and Performance tabs.  Too many apps open?  RAM overloaded?  
  4. Do you have too many trading platforms running concurrently on the same system?   Try loading less charts and less historical data.  

Lag or Slippage using RTrader Pro

  • Do you see a Yellow LED in the Price LED indicator? This indicates your computer has received data which it has not been able to place on the screen. 
  • Add the Update Time column to your quote board and compare the Update Time displayed (which indicates the time the server received the data) to the time on your computer.
  • If you feel Rithmic has lag versus another platform, investigate whether the alternate screen also shows an Update Time which comes from their server and compare.  

 Actions to Resolve

  1. Sync your computer clock frequently.  (Right click on the time display,  click adjust date/time, click 'sync now' under 'Synchronize your Clock.' )  VIDEO GUIDE
  2. Switch the time server on your computer (try and see if it improves  VIDEO GUIDE  
  3. Try using Aggregated Quote option for Rithmic Data.   
  • If you trade directly on RTrader Pro, click to enable Aggregated Quotes on the log in window.  VIDEO GUIDE
  • Ninjatrader8.  If you own your own paid Ninja license key, you are able to switch the system setting in the connection window to 'Rithmic Paper Trading Aggregated Data' .   The license key provided by Leeloo does not allow you to change the system, but instead you could use Plug in Mode.  Connect to RTrader Pro with Plug in Mode enabled, and create a new connection in Ninja and check to enable 'Plug-in mode for market data.'  You would need to keep RTrader Pro running at all times you use Ninja, but your quotes should be Aggregated.  VIDEO GUIDE 

  • Here is a tool you can add to Ninjatrader 8 that will help you determine internet issues or platform lag before entering a trade.  

    1. Import this zip file into Ninja. . Click the download arrow on the top right. 

2. It will create a zip file.  Import entire zip file by selecting Ninja Script Add-On   

3.  Next, create a Market Analyzer.  On Control Panel click New > Market Analyzer.  On the Market Analyzer window, right click to add column.   Click on the Neurostreet folder and add this "NS_DataLagTimer" column to that Market Analyzer.  Then right click to add a couple instruments like ES and NQ or whatever you trade with.  

Slippage Issues.  If you are experiencing unusual slippage, in order to report to Rithmic, we will need you to submit the information in THIS FORMAT