4. Investor|Accelerator LE Accounts

The Leeloo Entry LE Accounts are different from our regular Leeloo LL accounts. Budget-friendly accounts for the trader. At Leeloo, we have something for everyone!  https://www.leelootrading.com/le-trading-products

While they have all the exact requirements to qualify and rules. The main difference is the price and how the payouts works. We made the Leeloo Entry LE Accounts for the determined Developing Trader looking to master their strategy.

So, if you are more advanced, or looking for a full payout via Leeloo's periodic performance based contests, please consider the Foundation Leeloo Accounts. 

But if you are...
  1. A beginner
  2. On a smaller budget
  3. Looking to practice a new strategy
  4. Or want a lower monthly fee while still being able to get payouts, the Leeloo Entry Accounts are for YOU.

LE Payout via periodic performance based contest LE Examples...
Trader request $1,000
    -Trader will receive $200
    - This is for the first 4 months of the PA account that qualified with an LE account and then starting month 5, receive 20% of all simulated profits moving forward. 
    - Upon qualifying on a Leeloo Entry LE Account, traders can select from the Investor or Accelerator PA with a 20% of simulated profits on eligible payouts.

The max Payout per month is as follows: From months 1-4 ONLY. After 4th Months it is simply 20% of the simulated profit. 
  • Aspire: $200/month
  • Launch: $300/month
  • Climb: $350/month
  • Cruise: $400/month
  • Burst: $500/month
  • Explode: $600/month
  • Glide: Varies since you can request any amount eligible, you keep 20% of simulated profits

Leeloo™, through its proprietary software platform, provides individual traders an opportunity to test their skills in the market with simulated currency and the potential for payouts via periodic performance based contests, well known as Leeloo's Performance Based Trading and Contests™. Leeloo™ is the leading education platform that champions retail traders.

Each Leeloo Performance Account™(PA) consists of simulated/virtual funds. For the avoidance of any confusion, please remember that a Leeloo Performance Account™ is a fully simulated account with real market quotes from liquidity providers. At Leeloo's discretion, the trading data may be sent off to a firm where trades can be copied at Leeloo's own discretion using aggregated orders using proprietary risk management techniques.

  1. Meet set benchmarks and receive opportunities to earn real payouts through Leeloo's periodic performance based contests. Practice becoming a disciplined and experienced trader who exhibits the ability to trade responsibly and consistently and can manage risk. Leeloo Performance Accounts™  use live data and simulated currency. 
  2. Prove you can trade with consistency and discipline over time, with the ability to manage risk and there is potential opportunity for accounts/trades to be copied via proprietary software at Leeloo's discretion. Advanced Copy Trading Opportunities - Traders with proven, consistent performance who are also oriented for a long term relationship allows for the potential opportunity for more flexible options for compensation (trader covers all wire and transfer fees). This opportunity is discussed individually and directly with the trader. **Leeloo has discretion when they choose to approach a trader regarding advanced copy trading opportunities. 
  3. Become an independent trader. Various traders, after illustrating long term consistency, are ready to trade their own live account. When Traders are ready for their own personal live account, we can introduce them to the proper brokerage/commodities firm.