LB Leeloo Bundle practice accounts are a collection of our LL practice accounts.

LL PRACTICE ACCOUNTS have the following:
  • No scaling of contracts
  • Free NinjaTrader License Key
  • 1 Logical Rule: Manage Risk
  • One reason to Reset
  • Multiple concurrent accounts under 1 login
You can:
  • Carry positions
  • Trade during news events
  • Freely practice your trading strategy
If you enter too many contracts the order is simply rejected.

With each LB Leeloo Bundle purchase, the trader receives three (3) LL practice accounts simultaneously. This is calculated as one purchase and, therefore, has one corresponding invoice.

Each of these accounts collectively expire 30 days from purchase and do not automatically renew. 

Once a trader has successfully qualified with one of the accounts, all remaining accounts are canceled. If a trader fails all three (3) accounts, a reset can be purchased and applied to the LL practice account of the traders choice. If a trader is still actively trading an account and approaching the expiration date, a rollover of one active LL account is allowed.

Leeloo will alter the total number of LL practice accounts received within each LB Leeloo Bundle purchase at its discretion. The default number is three (3) but during promos and specials it can very. When it does increase it will not be changed here. The promo will reflect the information. 


Once qualified, what type of Performance Account does this type of Bundle qualify for? Accelerator? Performance?
jimmy olivares (4/30/2023 at 11:00 PM)
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FARAH BENSALEM (1/8/2024 at 6:07 PM)