One-Time Performance Account Fee Management

When deciding on the type of fee structure for your Performance Account, there are two critical factors to consider; (1) your budget and (2) your trading frequency.

    1. Budget (affordability): There are two PA fee options available. A monthly PA fee of $88 per month per account and a one-time PA fee of $250 per account. Which can you comfortably afford?

    2. Trading Frequency: Do you plan to engage in regular trading with your Performance Account? If not, the monthly PA fee might be your best option as it is less restrictive regarding regular trading. Whereas, the one-time PA fee option is designed for active traders who intend to regularly trade their style.

To further clarify.

    1. Trading Days: Trading fewer than a minimum of 12 trading days each month is not permissible. Merely placing micro trades to meet the daily requirement does not count as an actively traded day.

    2. Account Activity: Deliberately making minimal trades to keep a near-depleted Performance Account active for data usage is also not allowed.

These rules are in place to prevent misuse of data without trading actively.

We strongly recommend that you contact our support team to discuss your trading plans. This will allow us to help you assess if the one-time PA fee is suitable for your trading style and objectives.

Please note, if we observe any misuse or exploitation of the one-time PA fee structure, we will initiate a conversation with you to transition your account to a monthly PA fee.

Additional points to consider:
  • Trading must be demonstrated on at least 12 trading days per calendar month.  
  • Only days actively traded count as a trading day. 
  • There is no maximum limit.
  • All 12 days of activity must occur on the same account number.
  • Multiple account numbers can not be combined.
  • Follow a consistent trading plan, including size, stops, targets and profit taking.
  • Follow a consistent plan in contract usage for each trade (i.e. don't use 40 contracts for a home-run and then switch to 1 contract).
  • Do not over-leverage.
  • Do not high frequency trade.
  • No BOTS or automatic trading. ONLY the Trader can trade the account without automatic bots or any bots or algos.