2. The Accelerator

  • Static Drawdown
  • Note: No Trading on the day of payouts requests. Submit your payouts request and please do not trade until your payouts has been deducted from your account.


Phase 1:  Reach $2000 profit target
  • All traders start in Phase 1 with a $100,000 Initial Balance and minimum account balance limit of $99,375
  • The max drawdown is -$625.. but it is static.  It does not trail.  (i.e. You earn $150 profit now your cushion is $625 + $150 = $775 etc)
  • Upon reaching the $2000 profit target, contact Leeloo™ to initiate Phase 2. 
Phase 2:  
Once the Phase 1, $2000 profit target has been met:
  • Your minimum allowable account balance limit will be moved up from $99,375 to $100,100. Everything else remains the same, including your profit which remains intact. 
  • Your max loss minimum account balance limit of $100,100 will never change or increase regardless of the amount of realized or unrealized profit earned.  
  • For example, you grow the account to $165,000 then you would need to lose $64,900 in profit before the $100,100 minimum account balance is met and the account forfeited (there is no trailing drawdown).
  • Traders can request to have their max contract limits expanded according to tiered profit thresholds (contact Leeloo™ when targets are met).
  • It is the trader's responsibility to contact us once you have reached Phase 2. If the trader continues to trade after reaching Phase 2 and has not contacted us to move the stop loss/loss limit, the trader's PA™ account can be closed without notification. Alternatively, Leeloo™ has the right to move the loss limit to $100,100 once the trader has reached $2000 in profit.


  • NOTE: Trader must pause for 60 days at the max level of contracts equivalent to the successful practice account. For example, the trader qualified with a 12 contract account. After scaling up from 2,3,4,5 and 8 contracts and reaching a balance with at least $10,000 profit, the trader must pause for 60 days; trading no more than 12 contracts until the trader can continue adding additional contracts. 
Max Loss Limit
  • If a trader meets or exceeds the Max Loss Limit at any time intra-trade or post-trade, the account will be closed.
  • The max loss is $625 and/or $99,375 in Phase 1. It does not trail. Once the account reaches $102,000 in profit, OR if a trader requests a payouts, the max loss minimum account balance is moved by the administrator to $100,100. It never moves again from $100,100. 
Swing Trading | Holding Trades Overnight
Traders may hold up to 3 micros through the close. For standard lots and any amount of contracts more than 3 micros, traders must get permission from the Leeloo™ admin before holding trades through the close of market. You will need enough profit to cover the Maintenance Margin for each Instrument per contract you plan to hold. If your account does meet the margin requirement, any active positions can be liquidated and the account can be closed. Reference this guide (https://ninjatrader.com/PDF/ninjatrader_futures_contract_details.pdf  /   https://ninjatrader.com/Margins-Position-Management).

For example, you would need at least $16,000 profit to hold 1 NQ contract. Send a ticket with the exact number of contracts and which particular instrument you plan to hold to receive confirmation from Leeloo™.  

Unless permission is granted by the admin, ALL trades MUST be flat 15 minutes before the market close (of that particular instrument).   

Please reference this guide for session close times per instrument. For example, ES must be flat by 16:45 EST and Corn (ZC) must be flat by 14:05 EST.  

Holding a position through market close is managed as follows:
  • The oldest position carries forward so that during the close your position resets to the price carried.
  • The FCM does not match off trades – First in First Out.
  • The first day you carry a position, it is carried at the highest or lowest traded price and will continue to carry that trade until the position is flattened.
  • This is simply an accounting method used to give the account the highest possible value to be used for margin. It does not affect the balance of the account in any way.
  • Once the overnight run is processed and trades are matched off and statements are generated, the platform will adjust to coincide with the statements.
  • Trading during erratic and periods of high volatility is risky. Data feeds and software platforms are subject to lag and error.  Leeloo™ cannot take responsibility for software performance failure, lag, glitches and, of course, our trader’s hardware or internet mishaps. Be careful trading volatile markets.
  • Limit UP/Down or Markets halted - During these uncommon occurrences, when markets are halted, be careful of getting trapped with an open order. You may suffer an erroneous fill (during suspended markets). AVOID trading these times with your Leeloo™ account as Leeloo™ is NOT RESPONSIBLE for data or software mishaps during Limit Halts. Be mindful of volatile days and check daily Price Limits.
Trading Platform
Leeloo™ provides traders continued use of a FREE License Key to operate the NinjaTrader platform in Performance - Paid Trading™ Accounts. License keys or fees associated with use of trading platforms other than NinjaTrader are the responsibility of the trader.
  • PA™ fee once per month.
  • The Leeloo™ fee per month charge covers everything including all data and fees.
  • Payouts are free. Leeloo™ covers all transfer fees.
  • Some Leeloo™ traders are entitled to the non-professional data fee scale (as long as they themselves meet the requirements). For those who qualify as professional, data fees are pre-paid separately and additionally per exchange per month. These traders pay the Leeloo™ fee per month PLUS the Professional exchange fee per exchange.
  • Commission fees vary based on Exchanges. You can check them in your Performance-Paid Trading™ Account the same way as your practice (previously known as evaluation) accounts.  
Payouts for Traders | Benchmarks
Traders can request the first payout after a minimum 30 traded days upon meeting the benchmarks described herein (starting March 1) upon activation of the Accelerator Performance - Paid Trading™ account. 
  • The request must be made on the last Monday of the month. 
  • If a payout is requested, the trader must not place any new trades until the payouts has been fully processed.
  •  Log in to the support portal and create a new ticket to request the payout.  Include: 1- Full Name 2 - Account Number 3 - Desired payout amount 4 - Which payout # is this? (i.e. Your first, second, fifth?) Watch for an email within the next 24 hours (check your SPAM) with the subject "Leeloo™ | Payout Request".
  • Payouts will be processed that same last week of the month (once per month).
  • Payouts are free.
  • Payouts  are sent electronically by wire transfer or PayPal (only PayPal is limited). 
  • There are no minimum or maximum amount restrictions on these once per 30 traded days (1st payout) and then 10 traded days per month on subsequent payout on the Accelerator Account payout. The trader may request as little or as much profit as they wish above $100,100. However, keep in mind the minimum allowed account balance is fixed at $100,100. If the account balance falls to $100,100 or below, the Performance-Paid Trading Account will be closed. A trader may not want to receive a payout of too much and potentially leave too little drawdown cushion. 
  • PayPal and ONLY PayPal has a monthly payment max limit. Due to potential money laundering hazards and potentially fake PayPal accounts, Leeloo™ must restrict PayPal payouts to a max of $2000 per month. Wire Transfers are not limited.
  • If a payout is requested before reaching $102,000, the minimum account balance limit is moved up to $100,100 where it will always remain. 
  • For example, if a trader with a $101,500 balance requests a $500 payout. (Payouts are processed on the LAST week of the month). The minimum account balance limit is moved by the admin from $99,375 to $100,100. $101,500 payout of $500 leaving an account balance of $101,000. This means there is now only a $900 drawdown cushion between the minimum account balance threshold of $100,100. 
  • Traders are entitled to 100% of the first $12,500 payout; above $12,500 the trader receives 90% of the profit requested.
Payout Tax Implications
  • Traders who operate our Performance-Paid Trading™ accounts are treated as independent contractors.  
  • US citizens are required to complete a W-9 form. A current mailing address must be maintained in order to receive a yearly 1099-NEC form based SOLELY on total payouts received via ACH / Wire. No 1099-NEC will be sent for payouts via PayPal. 
  • Non US citizens submit a W-8BEN form upon first payout request. No reports will be sent to Non US citizens. 
  • For questions and tax reporting advice, consult your qualified accountant.