Restrictions on Using Copy Software for Performance Accounts

To maintain fair trading practices and platform integrity, specific rules govern the use of copiers or copy software on Leeloo Trading Performance Accounts (PA). Though the following restrictions apply to PA's, Leeloo Trading strongly encourages all traders to practice inside their practice accounts within the same restrictions.

Restricted Accounts:
Traders are not permitted to use copiers or copy software on the following account types:
  • Accelerator Accounts
  • Accounts with either 10 day or 15 day payout Edge Enhancers
  • Accounts with the WAIVE 30% Rule Edge Enhancer
  • Accounts with the Reduce Rule (from 30% to 50%) Edge Enhancer
  • Weekly accounts
  • Third-party accounts
Copying Limits:
Traders are also restricted from copying more than three accounts, simultaneously. 

If a trader has 10 Foundation (LL) Performance Accounts - without any Edge Enhancers, they can only copy two of those accounts from the one lead account. Exceeding this limit will result in the affected accounts being closed.

Any PA account found using copiers in violation of these rules will be closed immediately.

Adhering to these guidelines ensures a fair trading environment for all users. For further assistance or clarification, please contact our support team.