I can't find the correct account to cancel

I have many accounts in my Leeloo member's area, how do I know which account to cancel?

'I can't find my correct account to cancel...'

1a. Open your account list in your Leeloo Member's area

1b. Open your email. In your email search for any of the following:

  • 'amember-invoice
  • 'Leeloo New Payment For
  • 'Leeloo New Payment for _ contracts
Your invoice(s) will come up with any of those searches

**The invoice itself is labeled with the number right after 'amember-invoice-5NR08/1.pdf' 5NR08 is your invoice number to match in your Leeloo Member's area.
**Also, in the upper left corner when when you open the invoice there is 'invoice number' 5NR08/1 - Use this part of the invoice 5NR08 to match it to the correct account within your profile.

2. Review each invoice to match your correct account in your Leeloo member's area
  • invoice number with
  • date of purchase
4. Once located, click on the correct 'cancel' in your profile account list


I will like to cancel for new subcription on the accounts, but can't find the cancel letter to proceed.

Help please thank you LL027083-004, LL027083-003, LLC027083-002, LLC027083-001

Diana Saenz (3/24/2023 at 7:18 PM)