I Can't Log into R Trader

If you cannot log in, please first of all, don't panic. We can help you.

Please go thru these steps:
  • Have you first signed Rithmic's documents? https://rithmic.com/rag_paper.html  (Use Rithmic User ID and Password)
  • Are you using the Login Credentials sent to you in your Welcome email after you made your purchase?   The LOGIN for RTrader is NOT the same as the LOGIN's you created when you registered for Leelootrading.com.   You will receive a Welcome email after your purchase.. check your SPAM folder as well. 
  • Have you previously been able to log in to R Trader before today? Check user error.
  • Check that your Username and Password are accurate. Are you typing in or copy pasting. If pasting, be careful you are not copying an extra space before or after your password.
  • Make sure you are choosing 'Rithmic Paper Trading' not 'Rithmic 01', etc in 'System'
  • Is this for a Free Trial Account?  Have you received your confirmation email from Rithmic? If not, please check your spam folders and contact support@rithmic.com. Give them your username and email - ask them to resend your confirmation email.
  • What is your expiration? You can check your last payment date in your member's area at LeelooTrading.com
  • Also, please log in and check that your address and zip code are correct in your profile. Your account will not be created with incorrect information