Max Position Size and Micros

Max Position Size
The max position size is the total number of contracts allowed at any given time.  If Leeloo finds that you have exceeded the max contract limit in a reckless and abusive fashion, your account may be closed and disqualified.  
Example of the 'Aspire 3 max contract Evaluation' : 
You could open 2 long YM positions and 1 short ES position simultaneously.  The total concurrent standard lot position across all instruments can be no more than 3. 
Contract limits per account type:

Micros are active and included with both Evaluation and Performance Accounts.  You are allowed to trade up to 10x the number of Micro future contracts as your standard lot max contract limit on your account.

Example of the 'Launch 8 max contract Evaluation' : 
You can trade up to 80 total Micros simultaneously across all micro instruments.  You could be long 50 MES, short 20 MNQ, and short 10 MGC (totaling 80) at the same time.