How To Sign Up for a Practice Account

Steps to Sign Up for a Leeloo Trading Practice Account

Sign up with the full name that appears on your government-issued ID
(Do not use fake or nicknames.)
**When you qualify for the PA account, the name on your account(s) MUST match your submitted ID. 
(Government-issued id, passport, driver's license)

  1. Visit
  2. Choose a Practice Account of choice (i.e. 3 contracts, 8 contracts, 12 contracts, etc)
  3. Click on 'Buy Now'
  4. You will then be led thru the steps to make payment and create an account with Leeloo Trading (if you have a discount code you can use that when you make payment)
  5. Once you have made payment and created your account, Leeloo wait up to 10-20 minutes and you will receive an email and your account.
To Begin Trading Your Leeloo Practice Account
To begin trading your account, you will need to make sure you have...
A. Downloaded R Trader (Visit Download R Trader How To)
B. Signed the Rithmic documents at (Use your Username and Password to login)
  • This is VERY important. When you sign the user documents with Rithmic, make sure to choose Professional or Non Professional correctly. Professional traders pay their own data when trading in an evaluation account, and that data is paid upfront separately/month.
C. Connect your platform of choice to Rithmic. We provide you with a free license key for Ninja Trader. If you have one, please use yours.

Special Notes on Trading your Leeloo Practice Account
  1. Once you have exceeded the profit target for your chosen account, our system will alert us that you have passed. If you have not heard from us within 24 hours, send us a ticket.
  2. If, while you are trading your Practice account you hit or exceed a loss limit, you can pay to reset your account. You can reset your account by logging into your Member's Area at
Please remember to fully read thru our FAQs before subscribing for a Leeloo Practice Account