C. NinjaTrader 7 Connection Guide

1.  Do not connect to NT7 until you have FIRST installed and connected successfully to R|Trader
2.  Download NinjaTrader 7
3.  NinjaTrader Control Center – Click Help
4.  Click License Key
5.  If you do not have your own paid Ninja license key, feel free to use the SIM key that you will find in your Leelootrading.com membership area.  (Log In Info?) If your paid Ninja Key does not offer a Rithmic/Rithmic Paper Trading connection (Step 9), contact Ninja for your options*, or use our key instead. (CLICK HERE for our exclusive discount to upgrade your paid license key) 

6. Erase the current key and paste the SIM key provided by Leeloo™. 
(*Key's purchased prior to 2015 may not work due to old tech etc.  Contact Ninja)
7.  Click Ok 
8.  When prompted “Do you want NinjaTrader to be in simulation mode on application start up?” Click NO
9.  From Control Center click Tools < click Account Connections < click Add

10.  The Connection Options menu will pop up and click Next
11.  Connection name: Leeloo
12.  Provider : Rithmic for NinjaTrader Brokerage
13.  Connect on start up (leave unchecked for quicker loading of NT7)

14.  Click Next
15.  Username (ie. LL000907 . Your Rithmic/Platform username will begin with LL and is sent via Welcome email after purchase.  It is NOT the username you chose when you registered for LeelooTrading.com)
16.  Password (sent to you via Welcome email after purchase)
17.  System : Choose ‘Rithmic01 Paper Trading’
18.  Click Next
19.  Click Finish and close Account Connection Set Up menu

Enable Connection

Each time you open your NT7 platform, you will enable your connection as follows:
  1. From Control Center – Click File < Connect < Leeloo
 2.  A Green Box on the bottom left should appear validating your connection. ‘Connected – Rithmic for NinjaTrader Brokerage”

Important Notes

Disable Global Simulation Mode
Be sure you are selecting to trade your ‘Natural Trading’ account and not Sim101.  The Sim101 is for practice only and does NOT count toward qualification.  If you are trading the Sim101 account you will not see those trades register in RTrader.  If Global Simulation Mode is checked, it will not let you trade any account but the Sim101 account.
  1. Click File
  1. Click on the checkmark to the left of Global Simulation Mode to remove
Net P&L
Your current updated account balance is listed under the 'Cash Value' header of your NT7 Control Center.  Commissions have been deducted.  It should, but it might not match your R|Trader Account Balance.  The true authority of the current status of your account balance is found in your Trader Dashboard of R|Trader under the 'Account Balance' heading.
Unless you manually update your commissions in NT7 to match Rithmic/Leeloo™..  the 'Realized PnL' in the NT 7 Control Center will NOT reflect your true net realized PnL.  It is NOT taking into account the commissions.  It is your Gross PnL.  To view your true net P&L for a trading day, you can find it in your R|Trader - Trader Dashboard under the heading 'P&L' .  (Red box in image below)
Contract Expiries
Be sure you are updating your futures instruments regularly to the current front month contract.
Ninja Trader Support | Customer Service
Ninja Trader offers tech support for their platform.  If you are able to login successfully and see your account in RTrader, then issues you are having with Ninjatrader can not be resolved by Leeloo Trading.  
For support, send an email to platformsupport@ninjatrader.com and include the following:
  • Name
  • Email
  • NinjaTrader license key
  • Version of NT7 in use
  • Issue you are experiencing
  • Rithmic login credentials

Warning: Do NOT engage in any trading activity with money you cannot afford to lose. Day trading can be extremely risky and offers no guarantee for success. You should not fund day-trading activities with retirement savings, student loans, second mortgages, emergency funds, funds set aside for purposes such as education or home ownership, or funds required to meet your living expenses. 

If you engage in day trading activities, set a budget and do not spend beyond your set budget.