D. Sierra Charts Connection Guide

STEP 1.  First- make sure you have installed and connected successfully to R|Trader Pro
  • (Otherwise you will NOT be able to connect to Sierra)

STEP 2.  Download https://bit.ly/Sierrabridgefix  (Bridge Files)
  • Here is a thread from Sierra regarding the need to use this bridge file for Rithmic connections. 
  • This bridge file will need to be installed on your computer in order for Sierra to work with Rithmic.  You dont open the file, just leave it installed. 
  • These files need to be placed into a folder named "Rim" in the Sierra Chart installation folder which is usually C:\SierraChart.  They need to be installed into C:\SierraChart\Rim.  You need to create the \Rim folder if it does not already exist.
STEP 3.  Log into the Sierra platform with your Sierra (not Leeloo or Rithmic) credentials.  

STEP 4.  Connecting Platform to Rithmic data
  • Click File
  • Select Data/Trade Service Settings

  • In the next pop up window, click the Service drop down menu
  • Choose Rithmic Trading in the drop down menu

  1. Username: (ie. LL006612 . Your Rithmic/Platform username will begin with LL and is sent via 'Welcome to the Family! | Leeloo' email after purchase.  It is NOT the username you chose when you registered for LeelooTrading.com)
  2. Password:  Rithmic password sent in the 'Welcome to the Family! | Leeloo ' email after purchase
  3. Click OK