5. Investor Weekly, WK Accounts

Investor WK Accounts allow traders an opportunity for faster payouts via Leeloo's periodic performance based contests in their Leeloo Performance Account™

  • Trade 10 traded days to for first request
  • Then, have 4 traded days between each request

Choose from a 3 or 8 contract Practice Account and enjoy...
  • No scaling of contracts
  • Free NinjaTrader License Key
  • 1 Logical Rule which is to Manage Risk
  • One reason to Reset
  • Multiple concurrent accounts under one (1) login
  • Carry positions
  • Trade during news events
  • Freely practice your trading strategy
  • If you enter too many contracts, the contracts are simply rejected

WK Weekly Aspire | 3ct, 25k | Trailing Drawdown

WK Weekly Launch | 8ct, 50k | Trailing Drawdown

Once a trader qualifies for a Performance Account please review the below thresholds and benchmarks to enjoy faster payouts...

$25,000 WK Aspire:
  • Must trade 10 traded days to be able to request first payout
  • Must have 4 traded days between each payout request

$50,000 WK Launch:
  • Must trade 10 traded days to be able to request first payout
  • Must have 4 traded days between requests

All WK accounts will have and include the following:
  • The option of either a one-time PA fee OR monthly PA fee's
  • The option to request a payout every Tuesday before 10 am EST (4 traded days needed between payouts) 
  • Trade your trading plan with consistency

The WK accounts are apart of our specialty accounts and are only sold at certain times at Leeloo's discretion. 

Leeloo™, through its proprietary software platform, provides individual traders an opportunity to test their skills in the market with simulated currency and the potential for payouts via periodic performance based contests, well known as Leeloo's Performance Based Trading and Contests™. Leeloo™ is the leading education platform that champions retail traders.

Each Leeloo Performance Account™(PA) consists of simulated/virtual funds. For the avoidance of any confusion, please remember that a Leeloo Performance Account™ is a fully simulated account with real market quotes from liquidity providers. At Leeloo's discretion, the trading data may be sent off to a firm where trades can be copied at Leeloo's own discretion using aggregated orders using proprietary risk management techniques.
  1. Meet set benchmarks and receive opportunities to earn real payouts through Leeloo's periodic performance based contests. Practice becoming a disciplined and experienced trader who exhibits the ability to trade responsibly and consistently and can manage risk. Leeloo Performance Accounts™  use live data and simulated currency. 
  2. Prove you can trade with consistency and discipline over time, with the ability to manage risk and there is potential opportunity for accounts/trades to be copied via proprietary software at Leeloo's discretion. Advanced Copy Trading Opportunities - Traders with proven, consistent performance who are also oriented for a long term relationship allows for the potential opportunity for more flexible options for compensation (trader covers all wire and transfer fees). This opportunity is discussed individually and directly with the trader. **Leeloo has discretion when they choose to approach a trader regarding advanced copy trading opportunities. 
  3. Become an independent trader. Various traders, after illustrating long term consistency, are ready to trade their own live account. When Traders are ready for their own personal live account, we can introduce them to the proper brokerage/commodities firm.


how much is the pa account one time fee or the monthly
Justin Ragsdale (1/19/2023 at 3:09 PM)
Hello, please send us an email to support (at) leelootrading.com. Thank you!
Payouts (1/30/2023 at 6:44 PM)
Are there overnight/weekend position limits on these accounts?
Jordan Becher (1/26/2023 at 2:58 AM)
Hello, please send us an email to support (at) leelootrading.com. Thank you!
Payouts (1/30/2023 at 6:44 PM)