Understanding Edge Enhancers: Your Gateway to an Enhanced Trading Experience

Leeloo Trading is renowned for offering innovative solutions tailored to elevate the trading experience of every trader. One such offering is the Edge Enhancers, a suite of add-on products designed to provide traders with additional benefits and conveniences. These products are exclusively available and can only be acquired immediately after the purchase of a practice account. It's important to note that the availability of Edge Enhancers is solely at Leeloo’s discretion.

Components of Edge Enhancers
  • Qualify in One Trading Day:
Description: Traders have the unique opportunity to qualify in just one trading day. This expedited process is designed to fast-track the trader’s journey, allowing them to dive into the trading world swiftly.
Benefits: Save time and quickly progress through the qualification phase.

  • Reduced One-Time PA Fee:
Description: Enjoy a significant reduction in the one-time Performance Account (PA) fee, now available at $119 (unless otherwise advertised). This reduced fee ensures that traders can access the PA at a more affordable rate. IMPORTANT NOTE: The one-time PA lifetime fee is for very active traders - those who actively trade 12 or more days per calendar month.
Benefits: Cost-saving and increased accessibility to the PA.

  • Additional $500 Allowed for Payout Requests:
Description: Traders can request an additional $500 in their payout requests. This increase in the payout limit ensures that traders have access to more funds.
Benefits: Enhanced liquidity and increased access to earned funds.

  • Request a Payout Every 10 Trading Days:
Description: This allows traders to submit a request for a payout from their trading account once every 10 trading days. It is an optional feature that can be added to your trading account, providing a more flexible approach to fund management. This feature is tailored to meet the needs of active traders who desire more frequent access to their funds.
Benefits: Access to funds every 10 trading days improves your liquidity, allowing for better financial flexibility.

  • 60% Off Practice Account Reset Fees:
Description: Resetting a practice account can be done at a 60% reduced fee. This discount ensures that traders can easily reset their accounts to start afresh without incurring high costs.
Benefits: Affordability and convenience in managing and resetting the practice account.

Eligibility and Purchase Process:
The Edge Enhancers can only be purchased immediately after completing the purchase of a practice account. This exclusivity ensures that each chosen Edge Enhancer is permanently connected to that specific practice account for the life of the account.

Discretion of Leeloo Trading
It is crucial for traders to understand that the availability of Edge Enhancers is not guaranteed for every trader. Leeloo Trading reserves the right to offer these products at its discretion. Traders are encouraged to inquire and confirm the availability of Edge Enhancers during the purchase of their practice account.

Edge Enhancers are designed to augment the trading experience, offering an array of benefits including cost savings, increased payout limits, and expedited qualification processes. Traders looking to optimize their trading journey with Leeloo Trading should consider these add-on products to enhance their trading efficacy and convenience. Always remember, the availability of these products is contingent upon Leeloo Trading’s discretion.

For more information, feel free to reach out to Leeloo Trading’s support or visit our official website.

Disclaimer: Terms and conditions apply. The availability of Edge Enhancers is subject to Leeloo Trading's discretion.