•  Trade max contracts from day 1, No scaling
  •   Leeloo's version of an investment account where you have opportunity to grow your account over time

  • Traders are provided the Paid- Performance Account equivalent of their successful Evaluation Account. (i.e. $150,000 / 15 contract Eval Acct = $150,000 / 15 contract Investor Performance Account)
  • Traders are immediately permitted to trade up to the same max number of contracts (i.e. all 15).  No scaling required.
  • The max contract limit does not expand on this account.  An additional Evaluation phase would be required for an increase. 
Max Loss Limit/ Drawdown
  • Same parameters and operation as your Evaluation account.  (LTMAB)  Except the trailing max drawdown stops trailing forever once it reaches Initial Balance + $100.  
  • EXAMPLE:  You qualify with a $50,000 / 8 contract Evaluation account.  You are given a $50,000 Investor Performance Account.  The max loss trails at $2500.  So the minimum account balance threshold begins at $47,500.  The max loss trails by exactly $2500 from the highest UNREALIZED profit point reached.   (even if a trade does not end up CLOSING in profit).  Once the highest unrealized profit point reaches $52,600 ( $50,000 + $100 + $2500) , the max drawdown limit stops trailing and will not move again.  It remains fixed at $50,100 - which is the Initial Balance + $100.  
  • If a trader meets or exceeds the Max Loss Limit at any time intra- or post- trade, the account will be closed. There are no 'Resets' in Performance Accounts.
  • Daily Loss Limit - None.  
  • 1st payout cannot be requested until after a trader has actively placed orders on at least 30 INDIVIDUAL trading days. This is a long term growth account.  Only a day actively traded counts as one of the 30 required trading days. 
  • 2nd - 4th payouts can be requested once every 30 CALENDAR days, as long as during that 30 day period the trader has traded at LEAST 10 active trading days.   
  • The first 4 payouts require a minimum withdraw of $1000.. require leaving a minimum amount (see Balance Threshold) in the account, and have a maximum limit according to the chart (account size) below.
  • The 5th payout and beyond, has no minimum or maximum withdraw restriction, however the Balance Threshold requirement remains on the account (until the account is completely closed).   The 5th payout and all future payouts can be requested once every 30 calendar days, as long as a minimum of 10 individual days are actively traded. 
  • Payouts are processed for all traders, Tuesday or Wednesday of the last week of the month. (one max payout per month)
  • If minimum active days traded requirements are not met in a month, the trader completes the needed days and receives payout the end of the next month
  • EXAMPLE: When an 8 contract account reaches $52,600 ($50,000 + $2,500 DD + $100), a trader may withdraw any profit above that threshold (minimum of $1000 and max of $1500).  So if the account reaches $53,600,  $1000 may be withdrawn leaving $52,600 in the account.  NOTE: When this account reaches $52,600 the max loss account balance will be $50,100 and remains so.
  • Payouts are free. Leeloo covers all transfer and withdraw fees.
  • Payouts are sent electronically by wire transfer, paper check, or PayPal (Only PayPal is limited*). 
  • PayPal and ONLY PayPal has a monthly withdraw max limit. Due to potential money laundering hazards and potentially fake PayPal accounts, Leeloo must restrict PayPal payouts to a max of $2000 per month.   Wire Transfers or checks are not limited to $2000
  • Leeloo reserves the right to payout funds from the account to the trader at any time and under special circumstances.  
  • Profit share: Traders are entitled to 100% of the first $8000 withdrawn. Above $8000 the trader receives 80% of the withdraw amount, and Leeloo keeps 20%.
  • Our goal is for a long term, rewarding partnership.  After 12 months of successful Performance account management, we reduce our share.  Traders now receive 90% of all withdraws with Leeloo keeping only 10%. 
Swing Trading | Holding Trades Overnight
You may begin your Paid Performance account by holding up to 3 micro contracts overnight.  If you would like to hold more contracts than 3 micros, you will first need to get approval from the Leeloo Performance Account administrator.  Otherwise, trades and open orders Must Be Closed by 16:45 EST.  If a trader holds positions past 16:45 without approval, the account will be closed.  Upon approval, and if margin requirements are met, swing trading is permitted in a scaling fashion.  For instance a trader may have opportunity to swing trade with 1 contract with $3500+ profit in the account; 2 contracts once $7000+ is reached.  A consultation is required with Leeloo staff to ensure the instrument of choice is qualified.   

For a list of margin requirements for all products available through NinjaTrader Brokerage and information on our margin policy, please refer to the following links:

Holding a Futures position through market close is managed as follows:  The oldest position carries forward so that during close your position resets to the price carried. | The FCM does not match off trades – First in First Out. The first day you carry a position, they will carry the highest or lowest traded price, and will continue to carry that trade until the position is flattened. This is simply an accounting method they use to give the account the highest possible value to be used for margin. It does not affect the balance of the account in any way. Once the Overnight run is processed and trades are matched off and statements are generated, the platform will adjust to coincide with the statements.
  • Trading during erratic and periods of high volatility is risky. Data feeds and software platforms are subject to lag and error.  Leeloo cannot take responsibility for software performance failure, lag, glitches, and of course our trader’s hardware or internet mishaps.  Be careful trading volatile markets, and at a minimum first test your platforms with a SIM or small Micro order (however this is not a safeguard). 
  • Limit UP/Down or Markets halted - During these uncommon occurrences, when markets are halted, be careful of getting trapped with an open order. Rithmic does not always handle it properly and you may suffer an erroneous fill (during suspended markets).  AVOID trading these times with your Leeloo accounts… as Leeloo is NOT RESPONSIBLE for data or software mishaps during Limit Halts.  Be mindful of volatile days and check daily Price Limits that may be approaching to avoid getting trapped.
  • https://www.cmegroup.com/trading/equity-index/faq-sp-500-price-limits.html
  • https://www.cmegroup.com/trading/price-limits.html  
Trading Platform
Leeloo provides traders continued use of a FREE License Key to operate the Ninjatrader platform in Performance Accounts.  License keys or fees associated with use of trading platforms other than Ninjatrader are the responsibility of the trader. 
  • An upfront, subsidized, Leeloo fee will be exacted once per month. This must be paid separately and will not be deducted from account profits.  
  • The per month Leeloo fee covers everything including all data and fees.
  • Payouts are free. Leeloo covers all transfer fees.
  • * Most Leeloo traders are entitled to the non-professional data fee scale (as long as they themselves meet the requirements).  For the select few who qualify as professional, data fees separate and additional per exchange per month.  These traders pay the per month Leeloo fee plus the per month Exchange Data Fee per exchange.

  • Commission fees vary based on Exchanges.  You can check them in your Performance Account the same way as your Evaluation.  A static commissions fee ledger will be sent each PA trader as well.
Payout Tax Implications
  • Traders who operate our Paid - Performance accounts are hired as independent contractors and issued a 1099-Misc Non-employee Compensation form/ Active (US), or W-8BEN (foreign) depending on citizenship and tax id.
  • Each contractor will be required to provide the information needed to process payments and must maintain a current mailing address to receive the appropriate tax forms.
  • For questions and tax reporting advice, consult your qualified accountant.