Kickstart $75K Trading Program

Introducing the Kickstart $75K Trading Program

The trading world just got an exciting update with the launch of the Kickstart $75K Trading Program. Designed for traders seeking a dynamic approach to futures trading, this program combines flexibility with substantial financial opportunity, mirroring the format of popular trading setups like the Leeloo Express. However, it introduces a unique twist: a monthly subscription model.

Key Features of the Kickstart $75K Program
Financial Structure and Profit Targets:
The Kickstart $75K offers traders access to a trading account with a balance of $75,000. To qualify for profits, traders must reach a target of $4,500. The program is designed with a safety net, featuring a maximum drawdown limit of $2,750. This ensures traders can operate with a clear risk management strategy.

Contract Limits:
Participants in the Kickstart $75K can trade up to 10 full contracts or 100 micro contracts, giving them considerable flexibility in how they manage their trades and leverage their positions.

Subscription Details:
At the heart of the Kickstart $75K is its monthly subscription fee of $75. This recurring charge allows traders continuous access to the program, providing a steady platform to potentially grow their trading skills and financial gains.

The Kickstart $75K program also features an appealing refund policy:
  • First Month Qualification: Traders who meet the profit target in their first month qualify for a $50 refund.
  • Subsequent Months: For each month thereafter, qualifying traders receive a $25 refund when their Performance Account (PA) is activated.

Who Should Consider the Kickstart $75K?
The Kickstart $75K is ONLY for new-to-Leeloo traders who have never had an account of any kind with Leeloo Trading that prefer a structured, yet flexible trading environment with clear financial objectives and controlled risk. It suits both seasoned traders looking to maximize their trading potential and newcomers eager to dive into futures trading with a guided and financially capped framework.

With the Kickstart $75K Trading Program, the barrier to enter high-stakes trading is lowered, making it more accessible and continuously engaging through its subscription model. This program promises to be a valuable tool for traders aiming to escalate their trading journey with consistent practice and performance evaluation.