Technical difficulties with trading platforms

These are 3rd party softwares, therefore Leeloo™ is neither responsible for any technical difficulties that may occur, or providing support.  

Our staff may be able to offer basic suggestions for RTrader Pro and Ninja, but each of these software companies provide skilled technical support and most queries should be directed there and not to Leeloo™.  

Software failures are inevitable and a part of retail trading.  Likewise Leeloo™ cannot be responsible in those unfortunate instances. 

RTrader Pro Support

Ninja Trader Support | Customer Service
Ninja Trader offers tech support for their platform.  If you are able to login successfully and see your account in R|Trader, then issues you are having with Ninjatrader can not be resolved by Leeloo™ Trading. 
For support, send an email to and include the following:
  • Name
  • Email
  • NinjaTrader license key
  • Version of NT8 in use
  • Issue you are experiencing
  • Rithmic login credentials
Older versions of Windows have been known to cause glitches with Ninjatrader 8.  Strongly consider using the most updated Windows Operating System.