Log Files | Slippage Reports

Log Files Please see below how to submit...

  • Log files are in Documents\Rithmic:  
  • Open Windows Explorer
  • Navigate to Documents
  • From within Documents select Rithmic
  • Copy the files inside the Rithmic folder and attach them to your email
If you experience delay in the price in the R|Trader Quote Board versus another screen's quote board, check the following...
  1. Do you see a Yellow LED in the Price LED indicator? This indicates your computer has received data which it has not been able to place on the screen.
  2. Add the Update Time column to your quote board and compare the Update Time displayed (which indicates the time the server received the data) to the time on your computer.
  3. Please investigate whether the alternate screen also shows an Update Time which comes from their server.
  4. Send copies of your log files from Documents\Rithmic
Slippage If you ever experience slippage with Rithmic, we will need the following to submit to Rithmic...
  • Rithmic User ID and Account Number  (For reference : What is my account number?)
  • Order Number: to find the order number, please  look in Order History in R Trader, select the date that the order was placed, and look through the orders to identify the order number in question
  • Timestamp of the order
  • If you had experienced an order at the same time in a live account, we will need the connection of that account, the platform, time stamp and order number as well to compare the order.

Here is a tool you can add to Ninjatrader 8 that will help you determine internet issues or platform lag before entering a trade.  

1. Import this zip file into Ninja. https://bit.ly/LeelooLagAnalysis
2.  Make a Market Analyzer, right click to add column.   Click on the Neurostreet folder and add this "NS_DataLagTimer" column to that Market Analyzer.  Then right click to add a couple instruments like ES and NQ or whatever you trade with.