1. Why Leeloo™ Performance-Paid Trading™

Trust and Value Backed by Traders Worldwide

Our Traders, the best part of Leeloo
  • We aim to be our traders most trusted partner. We aim to understand and serve our Traders better than anyone else. We aim to make sure every little thing we do serves our Trader.

Leeloo™ is a software platform that allows traders the opportunity to trade simulated funds to test the market with potential of real payouts. Here you can set a budget to control spend and practice in the markets. You can become educated, as well as practice managing risk and trading with consistency. Whether you are a beginning trader or are here to test your strategies developed around news, trading with the trend or a broader macro approach. 

  1. Set a budget and practice with Leeloo™ before investing your own money directly into the market
  2. Receive potential payouts for sim trading
  3. Receive the potential opportunity for your account to be copy traded
  4. Potential to move into your own live account

Leeloo™, the generational trading company. Our goal is that traders use us as a tool to improve their trading and consistency and move on to open their own personal accounts with a brokerage and pass us down to their family for generations.. Through traders' experience with Leeloo™ we are grateful to know that traders pass us on to their family and friends so they too can use us as a stepping stool within their path to becoming an independent trader. 

Practice Accounts to Performance-Paid Trading™ Accounts - How Leeloo Performance-Paid Trading™ Works
Traders can practice with our monthly recurring subscription accounts, the 14 day practice account (Leeloo Express™) and, during special occasions, the Leeloo Ignite™ (our 20 day practice account).

Once you have met your profit target in your practice account (without meeting the drawdown) you have the potential opportunity to move into our Performance-Paid Trading Account; Leeloo™ Contest of You vs You, where once you achieve specific benchmarks to receive opportunity for potential payouts.

Traders can join us with practice accounts anytime and as often as they like. Traders can set a budget to practice in the market through our practice accounts.
  • No scaling of contracts
  • Free NinjaTrader License Key
  • 1 Logical Rule: Manage Risk
  • One reason to Reset
  • Multiple concurrent accounts under 1 login
You can:
  • Carry positions
  • Trade during news events
  • Freely practice your trading strategy
If you:
  • enter too many contracts the contracts are simply rejected
Traders qualify in the practice account have the potential opportunity to move into our Performance-Paid Trading account.

  • Potential opportunity to trade a PA™ after meeting the profit target (without meeting the drawdown) in the practice account and trading a minimum of 10 active traded days
  • Free NinjaTrader license key (savings of up to $720/year)
  • PA fee (includes ability to trade all 4 exchanges at $88/month vs up to $118/exchange/month)
  • Carry positions
Our Goal
  • Remove as many unnecessary obstacles as possible
  • Provide the freedom to practice and trade your strategy
  • Allow traders the opportunity to practice their strategies while setting a budget

Additional Offerings
Leeloo Trader vs Trader Contests
We also offer Leeloo™ Contests Trader vs Trader (LCTvT™)  with our Signature Leeloo Leaderboard . Please contact us through our support portal to learn more about LCTvT™.

The Leeloo™ App
We are excited to announce we developed an app for our traders so you can easily close trades from anywhere. It's fast and easy to log in with face recognition! Just log in once with your credentials and then our Leeloo™ app remembers you. What our traders say about our Leeloo app.

"Leeloo Proved Good Service is not dead. Any business can say they put customers first, but it's all too easy to forget those words when a customer actually does need help. Customers are not always right but good companies know it's right to give them benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise. Leeloo did that for me and as a result earned another happy and loyal customer." - Dexter, USA

'My experience with Leeloo trading is awesome. You have few and clear rules (nothing hidden like most competitors). And you payout! You are precise and punctual, but also flexible and very customer-oriented. I definitely would suggest your firm. You in particular have been very kind to me many times.' - Gianluca Ceccato

Imitators of Leeloo's Performance-Paid Trading™ Accounts

It's been said that Imitators are the sincerest form of flattery and that nothing breeds copycats like a successful business. When a new business idea is incubated and executed successfully, cloners naturally emerge and imitate. It's common when a business creates a solid, innovative, sophisticated product that others follow it. At Leeloo™ we block out all the outside noise and continue our focus on what's truly important - You.

At Leeloo we have an expanded view of the world and of trading and we continue our leadership by continuing to focus on the trader. That is why we wanted to share a few things for you to consider as imitators arise.

  1. Execution can be different and execution matters.
  2. Genuine product innovations are the direct consequence of carefully honed strategies and operations. Product innovation is purposeful and planned - some may copy, but may not have the understanding of actual operations.
  3. Ensure you can trust what the company claims and that the company has Integrity and Honesty at their forefront.

If someone is copying a company it means that they're leading the way, which is a great thing for our Leeloo™ traders. 

Welcome to the Leeloo Family!
Trade Less, Live More 


Able to trade micros and e-minis at the same time at appropriate commission levels. Big plus!
Harvey Gordon (4/12/2021 at 5:02 AM)