1. Why Leeloo?

Why Leeloo...

Our Traders, the best part of Leeloo...
  • We Aim to Understand and serve our Traders better than anyone else
  • We Aim to Make sure every little thing we do serves our Trader
  • We Aim to Offer the most genuine care in Trader service

We are a family of traders and third generation purebred cattle producers in central Montana. Serving, sharing, and supporting one another in our community for the benefit of all.

Leeloo is proud to be an Industry Leader due to our consistent innovation and sophistication. We are the Original company to offer Performance-Paid Trading opportunities © as well as coin this phrase and develop this type of opportunity.

We allow traders the opportunity to set a budget and practice in the markets with simulated funds capitalizing on our Performance-Paid opportunities © and in our Leeloo Contests while receiving real payouts. You can Practice managing risk and trading with consistency - no matter if your approach is developed around news, trading with the trend, or a broader macro approach.  
Why choose Leeloo?
The most important path to consistent success in the market is risk management.

We are here to provide traders the opportunity to practice their strategies in the market with flexibility and with an ability to set a budget to control spend with our practice accounts. We offer monthly recurring subscription practice accounts, the 14 day practice account - the Leeloo Express ©, and during special occasions we offer the Leeloo Ignite © - our 20 day practice account.

Once you have met your profit target in your practice account (without meeting the loss limit - ALTV) you have opportunity to move into our Performance-Paid accounts: PA © (Leeloo Contest of You vs You: LCYvY©). Where we have established specific benchmarks for you to receive the term we coined as 'payouts'. Real money paid to you for maintaining consistency over time and achieving the Leeloo Contest of You vs You.

We also offer Leeloo Contests Trader vs Trader: LCTvT ©  with our Signature Leeloo Leaderboard ©. Please contact us thru our support portal to learn more about LCTvT.

We are excited to announce we are the only company to develop an app for our traders so you can easily close trades from anywhere. It's fast and easy to log in with face recognition! Just log in once with your credentials and then the app remembers you with face recognition. Coming soon to the Leeloo App - Leeloo Leaderboard and Trader Account Stats! What our traders say about our Leeloo app.

'My experience with Leeloo trading is awesome. You have few and clear rules (nothing hidden like most competitors). And you payout! You are precise and punctual, but also flexible and very customer-oriented. I definitely would suggest your firm. You in particular have been very kind to me many times.'                                                                                                                                                                                  - - Gianluca Ceccato 

How the Leeloo Program Works...
Traders can join us with practice accounts anytime and as often as they like! Traders can set a budget to practice in the market thru our practice accounts.

  • No scaling of contracts
  • Free Ninja Trader License Key
  • 1 Logical Rule: Manage Risk
  • One reason to Reset
  • Multiple concurrent accounts under 1 login
You can...
  • Carry positions (just watch your ALTV in the Auto Liquidate Threshold of RTrader)
  • Trade during news events
  • Freely practice your trading strategy
If you..
  • Enter too many contracts they are simply rejected
Traders who meet the profit target (without meeting the ALTV) in the Practice Account have the opportunity to move into our Performance-Paid Accounts.

  • Opportunity to trade a PA account after meeting the profit target (without meeting ALTV) in the Practice Account and trading a minimum of 10 active traded days
  • Free NinjaTrader license key (Savings of up to $720/year)
  • PA fee (includes ability to trade all 4 exchanges at $88/month vs up to $118/exchange/month)
  • Carry Positions
  • 100% of the first $8000 
  • 80% after first $8000
  • 90% After 12 consecutive payouts on an account 

Our Goal
  • Remove as many unnecessary obstacles as possible
  • Provide the freedom to practice and trade your strategy
  • Allow traders the opportunity to practice their strategies while setting a budget

Please Note...
  • Do NOT engage in any trading activities with money you can't afford to lose.
  • Set a budget and stick with it.
  • Understand that Day trading can be extremely risky. 
  • You should not fund day-trading activities with retirement savings, student loans, second mortgages, emergency funds, funds set aside for purposes such as education or home ownership, or funds required to meet your living expenses.


Able to trade micros and e-minis at the same time at appropriate commission levels. Big plus!
Harvey Gordon (4/12/2021 at 5:02 AM)