Purchase New Subscription | Subscription Renewal

Account Purchases
When you purchase a new account, you start a new and fresh evaluation account for a 30 day subscription period, or for a 14 day subscription period with our Leeloo Express promo.
Subscription Renewal thru recurring payments: 
Renewal/Recurring payments ONLY renew the expiration date, not your initial balance. 

When you renew your subscription with recurring payments, you do not lose any profit or loss in your account, you are just renewing your expiration date so you can continue trading your same account.  However, if you are unable to trade your account due to meeting your trailing max loss limit, you will need to purchase a reset  to restore the balance back to initial balance to continue trading your account. Renewal/Recurring payments ONLY renew the expiration date, not your initial balance.
Many traders continue trading within their account for months to reach the profit target, so the recurring subscription allows them to continually carry their balance forward.

A Friendly Reminder...

1. Failed Recurring Payments. Please make note of each account's renewal date and ensure your information is up to date and will process successfully on your renewal date. For any 'Failed Payments' on recurring payments we cannot roll profit for you. If you have a 'failed recurring payment' we cannot help once the account is gone and cannot roll profit into a new account. So, make sure to check your payments BEFORE renewal date.
  • If you use PayPal, you will need to contact them for how to update any payment details.  
  • If you use a credit card and choose Stripe as your payment gateway, you can log into your member's area and go to 'useful links' and click on 'update credit card info'.

2. Cancelled Recurring Payments. If you cancel your recurring payment and your account therefore expires, we unfortunately cannot get that account back and we cannot roll profit to a new account.

So, if you have profit at the end of your month, and you have already cancelled your account, we cannot bring that account back AND we cannot roll profit into a new account. 


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