1. The Leeloo Express Promo Evaluation

Pass our $77, 14 day Express Test and receive both a Paid Performance Account and a $77 refund!

* Refunded upon PA activation. Refund Only available on $77 full purchase price.Void if profit rollover is required.   

For you confident, savvy traders out there - we created a special promotion just for you! If you feel you have what it takes to qualify in as few as 10 trading days, you may purchase a short evaluation to qualify for either of our two Performance Account options.  

The Promo
Purchase this low cost subscription package and you have 10 days (14 calendar days of data to include weekends) to be awarded a Leeloo Paid-Performance Account.  You must trade a minimum of 10 trading days, but are only given a max of 10-11 possible trading days.  Only days actively traded count as a trading day.  (**see note regarding holidays) 

The Parameters
Up to 12 Contracts
$6,000 Profit Target
$3,000 Max (trailing) Drawdown -  EXPLAINED

 The Instruments
During your Promo, trade products within the CME, CBOT, COMEX, and NYMEX Bundles.  (Included Instruments)  

The Details
If you are consistent and reach the $6000 profit target...
Once you activate your Performance Account your subscription fee is refunded.  You have qualified for FREE! 

If you have traded well but arrive at your expiration date just short of reaching the profit goal or required active trading days, you can... 
Continue trading an account of equal or greater size by purchasing an Evaluation subscription at LeelooTrading.com.  We will:
  1. Credit the account with the profit you finished with during the trial  (your active trading days rollover as well to your 10 day requirement )
  2. Provide you with a 25% discount to use toward the first month of your subscription! This must be requested on the FINAL DAY of your Express Evaluation.  Submit a ticket the morning of the expiration day and include a list of your active days..  (12/04, 12/05, 12/07 etc.)  How?  Please do not submit before, OR after your expiration date. 
For example if you earned $3500 within the 10 days - you can opt to have $3500 credited to your paid evaluation. With this option, you MUST choose a paid subscription Eval equal to (12 contracts) or larger than the 14 Day Trial account.  (Rolling into another Express promo NOT permitted).  So for example if you purchase a paid 12 contract evaluation, you begin with $3500 toward your $6000 needed goal, thus you only need $2500 more profit to qualify.  

* Refund only applies to Express purchase amount and if no rollover is required. 

If you fail completely...
Try one of our monthly evaluation plans which afford you more time.  We will still grant you the one time, 25% discount!  This must be requested BEFORE your Express Evaluation expires.  Submit a ticket by early morning of the expiration day.  

To sign up
  • IMPORTANT.  Your Express Test Promotional Evaluation begins the very hour of your purchase and ends exactly 14 calendar days later by midnight EST.  Allow yourself time to sort out connecting your platform before your first trade session.  You ONLY have 10-11 available trading days in this Promo and you must trade a minimum of 10 to qualify.  (*Unless you decide to purchase a standard Evaluation account and roll unfinished profit over from your promo and extend your expiration).  SECONDLYAccounts purchased between 17:00 EST Friday and 17:30 EST Sunday will NOT activate.  You will receive a Welcome email stating your account is active but Rithmic does not accept our new orders until late Sunday.  Until then you will NOT be able to connect your account.  

  • ** Please take note if it is a holiday week.   The US markets are completely closed December 25th, January 1st, and Good Friday (Easter).  During all the remaining holidays, the US Equity products close early at 13:00 est.  If the half day of trading is not suitable for you, choose a different week to operate an Express account.  We will make an exception ONLY for December 25th, January 1st  or Good Friday (April).  You can contact us, to purchase one additional day to add to your Express due to those 3 holiday dates ONLY.  CLICK HERE for a US holiday schedule. Trading days are based on Market days, not calendar days.   A day starts when the first market opens (Asia) until the last market (USA) closes.  18:00 Est until 17:00 Est.  

  • Once you have paid (via Credit Card, Debit, PayPal), you will receive a welcome email from Leeloo.  It will typically arrive within an hour.  Be sure to check your SPAM email folder.  It will contain your LOGIN information which you will use for Rithmic Trader and your trading platform.  

  • Use this link to download and install R | Trader Pro Software: https://bit.ly/rtraderpro . Log in with your Rithmic User ID & Password.  (What is that?)  The first time you log in to R|Trader, you will be required to sign the Rithmic  Agreement documents.  (How to steps).  You MUST do this before proceeding.  Here you will also choose 'Professional or Non-Professional'. Professional traders pay for their own data.

  • Make sure when you log in, you choose 'Rithmic Paper Trading' NOT  'Rithmic 01' (Choose “Chicago Area” for the Gateway.  If you feel the connection is not good you can try another server location that is closer to you)

  • Choose your Platform of Choice (if it is Ninja Trader, we supply you a Free Courtesy License Key) and download.  Reference Connection Guides for connection instructions.  
Log into your Trading Platform with the same User ID and Password provided by Leeloo (for both RTrader & Platform)

Whether you choose one of our inexpensive monthly subscriptions or this 10 day offer, we hope we have created an option to suit everybody!


buenas .quiero cancelar mi inscription gracias
rachida radimy (7/8/2021 at 9:08 AM)
cant see my cancel button on my stuff to cancel
Pedro Hernadez (Yesterday at 6:45 AM)