1. I qualified, what's next? | Leeloo Performance Account™ Overview

I have qualified, what's next?

First of all, Congratulations!! Stop Trading. Our proprietary system will automatically alert us that your account has qualified.

Please confirm that you have the following:
  • Reached your profit target (Verify Account Balance via RTrader Pro only).
  • Traded a minimum of 10 days. Only actively traded days count as a trading day. Be sure to CONFIRM that you have 10 trading days.
  • Please do not contact us unless 48 hours have past and you have not received an email. If you have not heard from us in 48 hours, after you believe you qualified, please send us a support ticket.
Once our administrative team confirms our proprietary system alert that you have indeed qualified for a Leeloo Performance Account™, you will receive one email with "Leeloo™ | Congratulations, your trade performance is confirmed" in the subject line. Be sure to check your spam folder!

Once you receive the email "Leeloo™ | Congratulations your trade performance is confirmed" there will be a link with instructions for you to complete the following three steps:
  1. Choose a Leeloo Performance Account™ 
  2. Sign up for Rise Works (invite in another email)
  3. Make your Leeloo Performance Account™ fee one-time payment of $250 or the first month's fee of $88 (these amounts are the same regardless of the size of the account)
Within 48 hours of correctly following the above 3 steps, you will receive an email that your Leeloo Performance Account™ is active and you can start trading. Most traders receive their Leeloo Performance Account™ within minutes!

Choosing your Leeloo Performance Account™ 
  • Traders may operate a maximum of ten (10) concurrent accounts under 1 Rithmic ID, but the Accelerator and Weekly (WK) option is limited to 3 accounts maximum. If you want more than 3 Leeloo Performance Accounts™, you are required to choose the Investor option with monthly payment requests.  
  • Do not use 1 micro and just trade for a few seconds to "account" for a day in your Performance Account. This will NOT be counted towards a traded day during the review of your payout request. (Please understand the spirit of this rule) We check each and every trade at the time of payouts to see if traders are doing this type of behavier.) This does NOT mean you cannot trade micros, this means you can't just take a quick trade to get a day to count.
  • Begin with 2 contracts or 20 Micro contracts and scale up
  • Static drawdown (includes one jump to Initial Balance + $100, but never trails)
  • After 30 trading days, no minimum or maximum payout limit
The Investor Overview
  • Start trading day 1 with up to the max contracts equal to the qualified practice account
  • No additional contracts can be added (would require additional practice account)
  • Begins with a trailing drawdown until Initial Balance +$100 is reached, then remains fixed
  • Limits on minimum & maximum payout for the first four payouts where benchmarks must be met; payout five can request any amount above payout threshold/benchmarks
Are there monthly Leeloo PA™ fees? 
  • Yes, but first you cancel the practice account monthly subscription fee
  • All data and expenses are combined into a low, all inclusive, subsidized, monthly subscription fee of $88  (who are Non-Professional status) or a one-time fee of $250
  • A maximum of ten (10) concurrent Leeloo PA™ under 1 Rithmic ID may be owned and operated simultaneously, but each one requires a separate monthly subscription fee of $88 (accounts are not combined) or a separate one-time fee of $250, regardless of the size of the account 
Leeloo Performance Account™
  • Continues to provide FREE NinjaTrader License
  • Offers ability to trade max contracts from day 1
  • Quickly sets up your PA (Leeloo Performance Account) within 48 hours of qualifying - many traders receive new Leeloo Performance Account™  within 2 hours of qualifying

**This is training ground for your own potential live account. Trading successfully and consistently for the long-term requires consistent actions per each and every trade.

Ensure you...
  • Follow a consistent trading plan in size, stops, targets and profit taking
  • Follow a consistent trading plan
  • Follow a consistent plan in contract usage per each trade (i.e. don't use 40 for a home-run and then switch to 1 contract).
  • Do not over-leverage
  • Do not high frequency trade
  • Actively trade the PA regularly to avoid being moved to a monthly PA fee (only applicable for accounts with a one-time PA fee)
  • No BOTS or automatic trading. ONLY the Trader can trade the account without automatic bots or any bots or algos.
Reckless trading is not permitted.

Leeloo™, through its proprietary software platform, provides individual traders an opportunity to test their skills in the market with simulated currency and the potential for payouts via periodic performance based contests, well known as Leeloo's Performance Based Trading and Contests™. Leeloo™ is the leading education platform that champions retail traders.

Each Leeloo Performance Account™(PA) consists of simulated/virtual funds. For the avoidance of any confusion, please remember that a Leeloo Performance Account™ is a fully simulated account with real market quotes from liquidity providers. At Leeloo's discretion, the trading data may be sent off to a firm where trades can be copied at Leeloo's own discretion using aggregated orders using proprietary risk management techniques.


  • The payout request must be made on the last Saturday of the month. And, only the last Saturday for efficiency between 2 am EST and 5 pm EST. 

  • Payout requests are on the LAST Saturday of the month, before 5 pm est. Using our new Leeloo Dashboard: https://www.leelootrading.com/login  Be sure to log in using your amember log in, NOT your Rithmic Log in. 

  • Traders MUST be registered with Rise to request a Payout on the Last Saturday of the month via our new Leeloo dashboard: https://www.leelootrading.com/login  Watch to learn more: https://youtu.be/PCKX-7Ss3cA

  1. In a Leeloo Performance Account™ (PA)...
    1. Level 1 - Meet set benchmarks and receive opportunities to earn real payouts through Leeloo's periodic performance based contests. Practice becoming a disciplined and experienced trader who exhibits the ability to trade responsibly and consistently and can manage risk. 
    2. Level 2 - Prove you can trade with consistency and discipline over time, with the ability to manage risk and there is potential opportunity for accounts/trades to be copied via proprietary software at Leeloo's discretion. 
    3. Level 3 - Leeloo™ Advanced Copy Trading - This opportunity is discussed individually and directly with the trader. This is for traders who have a solid strategy and who illustrate proven and consistent performance over time with the ability to manage risk over time. This option allows additional growth opportunities for traders oriented for a long term relationship and also offers opportunity for more flexible options for payouts. With Leeloo™ Advanced Copy Trading, an account is set up for specific traders and we work one on one with you for your own specified account(s). Traders cover all wire and transfer fees. **Leeloo has discretion when they choose to approach a trader regarding advanced copy trading opportunities. Traders cover all wire and transfer fees with Leeloo™ Advanced Copy Trading. 
    4. Level 4 - Move into your own live account. Various traders, after illustrating long term consistency, desire to trade their own live account. When Traders are ready for their own personal live account, we can introduce them to the proper brokerage/commodities firm.

Disclaimer: Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain limitations. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading. Also, because the trades have not actually been executed, the results may have under-or-over compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity. Simulated trading programs, in general, are also subject to the fact that they are designed with the benefit of hindsight. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profit or losses similar to those shown. CFTC Rule 4.41


Límites en Min y Max retira los primeros cuatro pagos, QUE QUIERE DECIR??

ISABEL RIVERA (5/5/2021 at 10:56 AM)
Hola, mínimo 1000$ de retirada las 4 primeras veces. Como máximo 1750$ las 4 primeras veces.

Manuel Torres (6/30/2021 at 2:48 PM)
Hi, IF I have my own NT lifetime license and my own data provider, should I pay for market data once I have qualified for the Performance Account?
SERGIO FERNANDEZ BORJA (5/9/2022 at 11:25 PM)
What happened to your one-time Market Data Fee for PA account(s)?
Somvattana Siharath (1/16/2023 at 2:04 AM)