1. I qualified, what's next? | Performance Account Overview

I qualified, what's next?

Once you know that you have:
  • Reached your profit target
  • Traded a minimum of 10 trading days.  Only days actively traded count as a trading day.  CLICK HERE to learn how to confirm.  
  • If you only have 10 total days and your 10th is the current market day, then you need to wait at least 8 hours after the US market closes (17:00 EST) before submitting your ticket.  We will only see that you have traded 9 days instead of 10, until our system updates for the day. Do NOT send a ticket if you traded the current day and need it to count.
Your next step is to:
  • Stop trading, log into the Support Portal, and send a ticket within 48 hours which includes the following:
  1. Your Name
  2. Your Rithmic User ID (username, i.e. LL000907)
  3. Your Rithmic Account Number (i.e. LL000907-006)
  4. Screenshot of Account Balance from your Leeloo Trader Dashboard in R|Trader Pro.  (RTrader Pro ONLY)
  5. In the body of the email.  Type out the 10 individual dates you actively traded.  (i.e. 3/24, 3/25, 3/28, 4/1 etc)  You may have far more, but you only need to list 10 (Market Days).  
  6. Attach this completed questionnaire
DO NOT CANCEL YOUR ACCOUNT YET.  Once we confirm this information we will send further instruction and at that time you can cancel your Evaluation Account subscription.  

Please be patient.  It can take up to 12 hours to confirm your qualification and up to 72 hours for you to receive your Paid Performance account.


Choose a Performance Account Option!

  • Begin with 2 contracts or 20 Micro contracts and scale up
  • Static drawdown (includes one jump to Initial Balance + $100, but never trails)
  • After 30 calendar days, No minimum or maximum withdraw limit
  • Keep 100% of first $8000 profit. 80% of profits in year 1.  90% after 12 months
  • Start trading Day 1 with up to the max contracts equal to Qualified Evaluation (i.e. 25 contracts)
  • No additional contracts can be added (Would require additional Evaluation)
  • Begins with a trailing drawdown until Initial Balance +$100 is reached, then remains fixed.
  • Limits on Min & Max withdraws the first four payouts
  • Keep 100% of first $8000 profit. 80% of profits in year 1.  90% after 12 months
Are there monthly fees? 
  • You cancel and no longer continue the Evaluation phase monthly fee
  • All data and expenses are combined into a subsidized, monthly, all inclusive fee of $88.
  • However your first 30 day payment for your first performance account with us is discounted as a gift to our traders
 Click (Accelerator , Investor) for details. 

*Once you qualify and choose your Performance account type, Accelerator or Investor, this CAN NOT be changed.  Decide carefully.  

Performance Accounts vs. Live Accounts

You will not be trading a Live account.  After successfully trading an Evaluation Account, you qualify to trade a Leeloo ‘Performance Account.’  Our Performance accounts consist of you trading a Simulated account, where Leeloo retains the right to choose to copy your trades. There are benefits for traders continuing to trade in a simulated paid account versus trading in a live account.

**Copy Trading an account is at the discretion of Natural Trading, LLC | Leeloo.

  • You are paid a 100% reflection of your Simulated account results. 


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