"The Glide" - Non trailing drawdown swing practice account

"The Glide" Practice Account

Flexibility to hold trades. No Trailing Drawdown. 

The Parameters
  • $100,000 account Size
  • Max contract limit = 20 Micro or 2 standard contracts
  • $2,000 Profit Target
  • $625 Max (static) Drawdown. Minimum allowed Account Balance remains fixed at $99,375 throughout the entire practice account and does not trail.
  • Requires a minimum of only 10 active trading days. INFO
  • Account automatically renews subscription every 30 days unless you CANCEL
  • YES, you can hold trades overnight
  • YES, you can trade during news
  • YES, you have the option for resets
  • Qualifies for the ACCELERATOR Performance - Paid Trading™ account
  • Maximum of three (3) concurrent Accelerator accounts under 1 login
Once the $2,000 profit target has been met, with at least 10 active trading days on the same Account Number, stop trading and reference this information.  

Minimum Account Balance Limit. No Trailing Drawdown
The Initial Balance will be $100,000. The account cannot reach the account balance of $99,375. There is no trailing drawdown. No daily limit. The max loss balance remains fixed at $99,375 throughout the entire account.  
Holding Trades Overnight
Holding a position through market close is managed as follows:
  • The oldest position carries forward so that during the close your position resets to the price carried.
  • The FCM does not match off trades – First in First Out.
  • The first day you carry a position it will be carried at the highest or lowest traded price and will continue to carry that trade until the position is flattened. This is simply an accounting method used to give the account the highest possible value to be used for margin. It does not affect the balance of the account in any way.
  • Once the overnight run is processed and trades are matched off and statements are generated, the platform will adjust to coincide with the statements.

Warning: Do NOT engage in any trading activity with money you cannot afford to lose. Day trading can be extremely risky and offers no guarantee for success. You should not fund day-trading activities with retirement savings, student loans, second mortgages, emergency funds, funds set aside for purposes such as education or home ownership, or funds required to meet your living expenses. 

If you engage in day trading activities, set a budget and do not spend beyond your set budget.