This is a Guideline to help you be successful in your evaluation account as well as long term success in the markets

The most important aspect to a trader's success is:  
1. Sticking to a pre-planned strategy; 
2. Not over-leveraging

We don't want to saddle our traders with a bunch of rules.  Our only rule that will 100% invalidate your account is reaching your trailing max drawdown limit. 

We don't have a Consistency RULE but for your long term success, we recommend that you adhere to a trade plan, which you will submit to us via our Trader Questionnaire upon the successful completion of your Evaluation phase.  
We aim to work with traders long-term. For long-term success in the markets, traders employ a consistent approach and systematic trade plan. 

If you are trading an intentional trade plan, the number of contracts you will use for each of your trades will be similar. 
If you scalp with 3 contracts per trade, then we should see that most all your trades will be within a range of 2-5 contracts.
If you dollar average into your trades, we want to see a systematic approach to how you 'add in'.

For example, we don't want to see traders trade 10 contracts, then 1, then 7 in a random approach. We also don't want to see one day where you go 'all in' with near max contracts, only to "skimp by" on the other trading days.  Why?  Because we have made our Evaluation phase INCREDIBLY short for YOUR benefit.  It is ONE step and ONLY 10 days.  So we need to see an intentional approach to trading on each of those trading days.  Especially if you reach your profit goal within as few as 10 trading days.   

Getting lucky and passing our Evaluation is not going to serve you well as a successful trader long term.  Write out a trade plan and trade according to it for your long term success.